Assertive, Measurable, Progressive.

The results that we deliver are solid tangible improvements in profitability, operational performance and leadership development. Measurable with direct influence to the Bottom Line contributions. We also achieve positive results in the areas of; Quality, Environment, Health and Safety and Morale.

Graph 300x225 ResultsWhy are you changing? You want better results or the ability to replicate results across the organization or within a new expansion. We have found that results can be categorized and can evolve.


A ship has only one captain and so does your business.  Although we desire to have a true adult-to adult relationship with our workforce where everyone one knows their duties, expectations and feel accountable for their actions we may need a dose of assertiveness to get the journey started.  Assertive results are defined through strategies for identifying and acting on the organization’s desires, needs and concerns while remaining respectful of others.  We teach the organization to blame process and not people and measure results through the reduction of Disturbances to Flow that prevent the organization from meeting required targets.


All change can be quantified.  We normally focus on inventory reduction.  As the process becomes leaner and with less variability the natural by-product is a reduction of inventory.  As employees become happier and moral improves we see reduction of casual absenteeism and voluntary turnover.  We can specific about results from each change activity the final result is just how much more cash are you able to generate from your enterprise.  We believe in the 50% rule and consistency witness the following results:

50% reduction of inventory

50% reduction of Process Lead times

50% reduction of travel of products, information and services

50% reduction of set-up or change-over times

50% reduction in casual absenteeism

50% reduction is disturbances to flow

50% reduction of recurring problems

50% reduction in material conveyance equipment and services

50% reduction in process lead-time of new product introductions

80% increase capability of retaining employees

20% improvement of material yields


As your Enterprise evolves so will your results. What is important today may no longer be a concern tomorrow.  The challenges will change so the above measurable results can be repeated year after year as the enterprise learns and matures during the evolution.  New and enhanced tools can be added to the toolbox significantly creating a greater distance between you and your closest competitor.  You will be nimble, agile and able to embrace new opportunities quicker and with increased confidence because you will have a team of seasoned individuals who are constantly building on previous successes.