Practitioner Based Leadership

Ask anyone and they will advise you that commitment to change begins with commitment from the Leadership.

Lighthouse1 Practitioner Based LeadershipKUNST Solutions Corp. has formed an unique alliance with The Soderquist Center to provide selected Customers and their Senior Leaders an experience of ethical leadership.


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The Center was founded in honor of Donald G. Soderquist, retired Chief Operating Officer of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. Don has always had a passion for developing leaders from a foundation of core values. His philosophy and passion continues to guide the Center today.

The Soderquist Family Foundation purchased Greystone Estate in Rogers, Arkansas to serve as executive retreat center, housing just 16 people. Through this venue, the Center’s mission is accomplished – to equip people with the transformational power of ethical leadership.

The Center develops teams, leaders and organizations to operate from a solid foundation of values for high performance and longevity.

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