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Positive cash flow is the life blood of any successful enterprise and Lean Enterprise Solutions can enhance that cash flow significantly.

It is based on simple guiding principals: there is always a simpler, better and safer way; customers only want to pay for value-added activities; staff should view the product or service provided from a customer’s perspective, and the business from the view of fellow team members; everyone should embrace the elimination of waste, the maximization of resources and focus on continuous improvement.


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Many think that implementing Lean Enterprise Elements is complex, expensive and just a “manufacturing thing”. Rather, the elements can be just as comfortable and effective being applied in service, administrative or retail settings, bringing amazing results.

During this four hours Learning Session we’ll share a combined 140 years of knowledge and experience by providing an overview of what a Lean Enterprise looks like. We’ll present a solid systematic model for a successful implementation and discuss some of the attributes that constitute a Lean Enterprise, such as:


•  Focus - Vital measurements to increase positive cash flow and create a transformational journey.

Culture Speed – Without people your business is nothing, learn some simple tricks to enhance your organizational culture.

Workplace Organization – Enhance through-put, reduce costs, improve quality and safety, reduce training time and improve morale while enhancing your professional image to customers, employees and the community.

Customer Service – A simple but powerful mapping tool to allow you to observe how you provide value to your customer from their perspective. We will show you how this tool can be applied to both material and information flow.

Formal Problem Solving – How using a common formal problem solving tool will help you identify root cause faster and more effectively while enhancing customer satisfaction.


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