KUNST Difference

A trustworthy and advanced consulting corporation that applies Lean Enterprise Practices to ensure that our client partners get a total value experience, while implementing our Solutions and achieve long term, profitable and sustainable continuous improvement.

Kunst difference 300x129 KUNST DifferenceOur commitment to your success goes beyond the boundaries of your business. We are equipped with advanced and secure technology, facilitated by a passionate team of practitioners.

We deliver Secure, Customized, Reliable and Advanced Improvement Solutions based on proven methodologies and sound business practices.

We focus on getting your organization to become more agile and nimble through the use of Lean Enterprise Solutions that will have enduring results.


For commitment and for compliance… Security to us is insuring the information and data entrusted to us by our clients is kept safe and confidential. We are constantly striving to increase the security of our technology and information retention based on best practices and regulatory requirements of the Security Plan for the Controlled Goods Program.


Your business needs are our priority… Our professional practitioners assist you in identifying your improvement needs and recommend the most appropriate Strategy and Solutions aligned with your business requirements and vision.


Because your business is our business… We are committed to improving the quality of the technologies, products, and processes that our clients need for sustainable change and business success.


We are practitioners… Able to read the pulse of your organization and measure the culture speed at which Solutions should be implemented. Like you, we have run small and large operations, had P&L responsibility, lead several organizations to profitable success and acted as the Change Agents while facing pressures for performance, market share, people engagement, safety, quality and environmental improvements. We have the battle scars of experience but also the smiles for a job well done!


What Value do we deliver to the customer?

  • Immediate and sustainable improvement to Profit and cash flow.
  • Practical operational Experience and Knowledge
  • Diversity of understanding of many industry sectors
  • Working knowledge of many diverse methodologies
  • Correct pairing and sequence of methodologies to deliver Fast results
  • Blended Academic and Practical immediate applicable solutions.
  • A Supporting cast through the engagement of the Solutions Store.


Which customer problems are we helping to solve?

  • Flawless introduction of new products and/or services
  • Better Labour utilization
  • Improve space utilization
  • Deliver Tangible Results after failed Veneer applications
  • Avoid CAPEX
  • Provide Advanced Applied Knowledge and Accreditation.


What bundles of products or services are we offering?

  • Visual Management
  • Proven Methodologies
  • Hardened Tools and Templates
  • Strategic and Tactile framework facilitation and implementation of tools and methods
  • Knowledge Bank to build Bridges of Understanding between academic and practical applications


Which Customer needs are we Satisfying?

  • Increase Profitability
  • Reduce Operating Cost
  • Decrease Order Cycle Time
  • Meet increased demand
  • Become Flexible, Predictability and Agile
  • Compliance
  • Awareness and exposure to alternate proven Solutions
  • Provide Advanced Applied Knowledge and Accreditation.



How does our process work?

As an example

Will start by capturing the Voice of your Customer (VOC) through creating a series of CT Trees (Critical to …. Safety, Cost, Delivery, Quality and other functional and quantifiable criteria). From here we then migrate to an Enterprise Value Stream Mapping workshop to document the entire process flow that incorporates all the physical, communication and information transformations occurring within the Value Stream.

Then optimize the process with the injection of proven methodologies and how to quantify and measure success to create the “Voice of the Process”.


How do we differentiate?

Within our toolbox we have the capability to provide hard/physical solutions which are created and available through our Solutions Store aiming to ease the transformational implementation while removing buyer’s stress.


Results delivered are measurable with high positive cultural and revenue impacts.