Our Proven Approach

Profit driven, People centric, Resourceful

No matter how you want to call it … we are a consultant to your organization … but with a difference.  We have sat in your shoes, experienced your pain and challenges either running a facility or multiple facilities. Through these experiences we have developed and enhanced the tools which we know will work, which tools work better for specific applications well and which tools will deliver cash.

People Profift 300x216 Our Proven Approach

Profit Driven

There are tools that can deliver amazing results today but at the potential detriment of future breakthrough results.  We work carefully with the leaders of the enterprise to find the proper balance of investment for a sustaining infrastructure and being able to deliver immediate results.  We remain focused on generating positive change that delivers cash to your enterprise.  Quite simply profit driven results, we focus on how to maximize your resources while minimizing wastes.

Maximize your resources includes your employees, equipment and materials. In this arena we change the traditional process of PDCA [Plan, Do, Check, Act] to Check, Act, Plan, Do.  Using our enhanced version Value Stream Mapping we are able to identify and prioritize projects that can provide immediate benefits while also being able to identify other projects that will be implemented later along the journey.

We focus on getting your organization to become more agile and nimble through the use of Lean Enterprise Solutions that will have enduring results.

People Centric

You have the buildings, the technology and the equipment but the soul of your business, is the people you employ. We believe in creating an Adult-to-Adult environment within your enterprise.  In this environment people are emotionally committed and passionate about the success of the business.  We provide them with tools, techniques and systematic approaches to Continuously Improve the business by finding simpler, easier and better methodologies.  All of this in a no blame environment void of personal assaults but where work can actually be fun.  People become the proud professionals you initially intended to hire.

Within this category we conduct the following;

Coaching Leaders

We have a tool that enables us to stay in constant contact with the leaders of the organization.  We are able to monitor activity and coach them on behaviour that nurture positive results.  This can include us integrating them with networks of peers that are on a similar journey, taking them to see other operations to see the tools in action.  We will spend considerable time coaching leaders how to understand and leverage the socio-tech side of tactile solutions.

Developing Internal Champions

We are passionate about sharing our experience and knowledge while developing your internal leaders of change within the organization.  For every mile of highway their exists two miles of ditch … we teach the change leaders how to identify the early indicators of potential trips to the ditch and how to avoid them.  We work with them to develop their skill sets in many cases by networking them with peers practicing in other facilities or becoming more connected with our faculty members.

Un-tapping Human Potential

Want an idea … just ask! Want adults to work for you start treating your employees like adults.  Utilizing our solution tools allows you to evolve the culture of your organization to be a true Adult-to-Adult environment staffed by professionals.  We believe in disseminating the traditional Command and Control to diversified accountability where everyone understands the business goals and objectives and are aligned to deliver the results you desire.


Whether you utilize us as your coach, mentor, training or your complete Continuous Improvement department we come equipped with the skills, tools and resources to make effective change happen.  With years of experience facilitating conversions globally we have been able to integrate with a network of passionate practitioners.  To assist us in finding the proper solutions we have added a faculty of advisers to our services.  The members of our faculty are individuals who we have worked closely with in the past and have truly impressed us with their capability, candour and passion.

As a solutions provider we can supply complete turn-key solutions for the smaller enterprises that cannot afford or who do not have access to resources like label makers etc.,  or we can provide template infrastructure design along with basic training to larger organizations who can then leverage the tools with their internal resources.

We want you to leverage our extensive network of fellow practitioners, proven suppliers to speed and ease your implementation process.  Since the basics have already been defined you can focus your resources on implementation … no sense making the mistakes others have already learned from.

Our solutions need to become your enablers of success and part of your Enterprise DNA.  We will work with you to insure that the tools adopted and implemented will become a sustained solution forever within your enterprise or until a better solution is identified.

Your business success is our business success !