Design for De Manufacturing

This week’s Issue | 30/09/2019

We know that Change is Constant but in some cases Change is something old just re-invented.  But subtle over time is the change in Paradigms and we are now seeing an increasing amount of change within Social Paradigms … some good, some ridiculous and some absurd.  However, the subtle and not so subtle shift of these paradigms are going to change how we need to live going forward … going are the days of where we tolerated ourselves to be a wasteful society.  The Compression Institute has been vocalizing the need for companies to embrace a broader responsibility for what they provide to consumers … so this week we explore beyond the “Design for Manufacturing” to the “Design for De-Manufacturing”.  A good thing is that if you are a vintner you already design for De-Manufacturing … you fill a bottle with a great wine which when consumed the human body recycles the content and you save the bottle for the next harvest …

On the fun side …

What gender are computers?


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