Center of TRUTH

This week’s Issue | 13/01/2020

Old people are so knowledgeable … why?  They may not have the schooling but they have now absorbed many years of transferred knowledge and experience.  In many cases they have embraced a “ho-Hum” attitude wiling to share with those who want to listen and potentially learn or watch from the sidelines at the others whose pride, arrogance or disbelief allows them to struggle with attributes the old timers have already mastered and they laugh !!!   My father keeps reminding me that many of the aspects that are occurring today are not new and have been challenges many have faced through the years even if the technology seems to have changes … whether it be drugs, lust or communication …  same or similar problem .. new package.  However, no longer will the old timers jump in to avert disaster having been disregarded in the past so they sit and laugh and reminisce of how they had struggled and won through a similar fate … so why do we do this to ourselves?  But I find myself in the same situation … our passion drives us to want to help others avoid running into the ditch but pride, aversion to investment they decide to exponentially spend more money and effort to achieve a result that will elude them.

Christmas is a great excuse for family and old friends to convene around a table of snacks and treats where the conversation always becomes reflective of past relatives former friends or the discussion of life encounters.  Many of these interactions ultimately had an impact on who and what we are today … they in essence have become part of our foundational character.  My neighbor who was a very successful contractor and an amazing Stone Mason … would always remind me that a solid home is built on a solid footing !!!  Creating that solid footing was difficult since you had to work in the mud .. it was hard work, dirty and hard to vision how this would contribute towards the end result … but as a testimonial my house is over 60 years old and I do not have a creak in any of our floors …

So in essence your footing and foundation is your CENTER OF TRUTH … the place you return to that initially defined your character or your process.  In essence we go through life and build on our footings and the results can be grand … but the footing is still our CENTER OF TRUTH … so are your process footings solid?   Read the newsletter ….

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