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Plan For Every Part

This week’s Issue |24/10/2011 OK so what is scarier?  The celebration for this time of year or the actual world that we live in?   My good friend John Chandler wrote the contents for this week’s newsletter.  It was his translation of how to construct a Plan For Every Part (PFEP) and the subsequent benefits.  I think that he did such a great job it was worth sharing with our readers.  He has such a good grasp of Lean concepts that it


Lean versus Profitable Throughput

This week's issue| 17/10/2011 This week we discuss how the elimination of traditional “wastes” can actually hinder profits followed by some pointers to review product design when exploring cost reductions. While browsing for some information earlier this week I came across some life lessons shared to me by a former neighbour ... he was a prominent contractor in our area and I think his rules are still a solid reminder for all us professionals to follow ... Rule #1 never compromise on


Manage your Inputs to control your costs

This week's issue | 10/10/2011 What a difference a week can make ... Employment statistics released by the USA and Canada ... have converted the analysts from telling us we are heading into a recession to now we are recovering ... amplified by the banks raising mortgage rates. Ontario’s boring provincial election ... more of the same stuff from the same folks but now in a minority position The passing of Steve Jobs ... who will fill the void of creating cool new