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This week’s Issue | 28/11/2011 Christmas commercials are in full swing including the adverts for the feel good movies of the Christmas season.  It seems that Christmas arrives earlier and earlier every year.  This year I will not get fooled and decided to begin my preparations extra early ... so a short intro to this week’s newsletter as I venture out into the world of gift procurement ... wish me luck.  


Take Responsibility for Fixing Things

This week’s Issue | 14/11/2011 This past week I was pretty much out of touch with the world ... but highly engaged with the activities on the beach and watching awesome sunsets.  This of course includes watching a bunch of TV.   The following are some tid-bits I picked up while watching;   An Oil company executive was accepting that his dividend offering would be impacted by a negative impact of 65 cents this


The Power of Using Pareto Chart Analysis

This week’s Issue | 21/11/2011 Was able to take the Toy for a quick run to Detroit before the snow flew ... but then had a taste of the stuff later in the week while in Peterborough and quite frankly I did not like it much.   Friday we took delivery of our new printing and laminating technology at the Solutions Store.  We are very excited about our new found capability to produce many facets to improve visual factory amenities


The 13 Characteristics of Successful People

This week’s Issue | 07/11/2011   If it seemed a little lighter out when you awoke this morning ... GOOD !!!  that means you remembered to turn your clocks back 1 hour last night. I am a fan of the on-line satirical newsletter “The Onion”, this week they ran an article that seemed a bit scary but reflective of our manufacturing infrastructure but it definitely is a good Sunday morning read. Remains of Ancient Job Creators found This week’s newsletter is all