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Merry Christmas

This week’s Issue | 19/12/2011   As the holiday season approaches, we'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued interest in reading our weekly newsletter.  We hope that through our newsletter we have been able to stimulate some ideas and thought starters that have improved your business and your personal life. We do this with the passion of helping others and preserving jobs in North America.   Mariela and I are blessed that in our business environment that


What Matters to You?

This week’s Issue | 12/12/2011 Landing in Winnipeg last week was like walking into a Blast Freezer but that was where the cold ended as we had a great kaizen event working on SMED and TPM with a great team.  I was amazed at how many little things the team was able to accomplish to improve the work environment while significantly reducing set-up times.   One of the great things of having a tech-savvy retired father is that every so often



This week’s Issue | 05/12/2011 I have always been a bit of a news nerd and with all of the activity going on it is getting harder to stay on top of all the news.  While attending a dinner party recently a table companion with the Canadian Defence shared the following news link and was impressed while stationed overseas how quick and accurate this news agency was able to report the news ... plus it has a truly global