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Human Resources Role in a Lean Culture

This week’s Issue | 30/01/2012 A great story about implementing Culture within an organization is to read the book “Nuts” the story of how Southwest Airlines got started ... a great blend of culture and Lean. One of my personal best experiences implementing Lean within an organization was working closely with an HR Manager who really knew how to manage culture ... it made the journey fun and exciting.  This week we explore the role HR can play


Slow Down … Go Faster

This week’s Issue | 23/01/2012 One of our readers sent us the following information ... Lean is a funny attribute, once you are bitten you begin to find examples and opportunities everywhere like one of our readers recently did.  With such a grip on resources these days who cannot afford to invest in Lean not only to survive but to thrive ... 5S at Alcatraz Richard, I'm in San Fran networking from supplychain perspective at the Western Fancy Food


Managing Multiple Sites, Departments or Teams

This week’s Issue | 16/01/2012 Where is the best place to devote your “Gift of Time” for maximum of appreciation This is a challenge faced by daily by leaders and hopefully this week’s newsletter provides you some guidance on how to manage your gift better.  This seems to be a primary challenge for leaders currently along with a fascination to improve fulfillment processes.  We are excited about starting a significant benchmarking audit of fulfillment methodologies by our existing


Supplier Collaboration through the use of TCOP

This week’s Issue | 09/01/2012 Operations focus a lot of attention on Customers ... making them happy, defining what they might need and always attempting to get more.  However, typically for very person an organization employees there is an additional 10 folks supporting you in the supply chain.  This hidden extended factory is typically overlooked as an opportunity of leveraging yet can generate the most rewarding cost savings.  If you save a penny in labor you will get a


This week’s Issue | 02/01/2012 HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! The journey continues as we forge into 2012.  I hope that your journey of excellence delivers the results you seek.  I believe that this year many organizations have done much with their internal workings but the time has come to collaborate with the associated “hidden” factories ... your suppliers. Do you realize that for every penny you can reduce your procurement cost will result in a nickel of profit on