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Have we lost respect for our people?

This week’s Issue | 27/02/2012 As the economy strengthens so has the concern of an impending skilled employee shortage within the next couple of years.  A statistic shared recently indicated that approximately 65% of currently employed individuals could be eligible for retirement (not that they can afford to though).  So imagine my shock about a recent poll indicating that 84% of people surveyed intend to change jobs in 2012.  This now poses a challenge to companies that have


Theory of Constraints

This week’s Issue | 20/02/2012 This week we had the honor of on-boarding our latest Detroit Consortium member ... Organizeit. They have built a solid business helping home owners and renters by providing organizational and storage tools.  They have a solid presence on the inter-net through their e-store ... so check them out.     We are in final stages of becoming a Qualified Service Provider for the Ontario SMART program.  This is a great program if


Are you using the power of TAKT TIME ?

This week’s Issue | 13/02/2012     HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY !! While in Cincinnati this week it was wonderful to stop by to visit some friends that are slowly converting their manufacturing process.  They have finally accomplished some break-through thinking to wean themselves away from their ERP system at the front-end of the process where ERP has only been successful in creating tons of WIP and paperwork complexity resulting in long PLT until it reaches welding.  In welding they have converted


Implementing Change

This week’s Issue | 06/02/2012 I am a big fan of reading the JD Power reports about the automotive industry quality rankings but nothing is a better report than talking to a tow truck driver.  Unfortunately returning from Peterborough on Friday I had to use the road side assistance offered by Mercedes.  During our trip back from Mississauga to Cambridge our driver disclosed they provided roadside assistance service to Jaguar, BMW, Land Rover and Mercedes.  He claimed he