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The Future of Manufacturing is NOW

  30/04/2012  The Future of Manufacturing is NOW !! Park your paradigms ... while getting on your business ...  is exactly what the team did this past week just outside ofSt. Louis.  I can imagine just how difficult it was for some especially since they had been in the business for over 30 years ... but they did it with some amazing results.  By reconfiguring some process steps and placing equipment closer together they will easily be able to absorb a 60%


Things Leaders Do

This week’s Issue |  23/04/2012 Today is my Birthday so I am taking a bit of a break with the newsletter by reprinting some older articles in this week’s edition.   A main pillar of Enterprise Excellence is respect for people.  For many organizations this seem they need to have endless discussions and meetings which result in no change being accomplished.  This reminded me of a book once recommended by a former colleague that really changed my idea of leadership while not



This week’s Issue |  16/04/2012 We see it coming in spite that the media continues to focus on record unemployment ... the skills shortage in manufacturing is looming and in some sectors highly evident.  Case in point, we recently toured a manufacturing facility that was in dire need of welder-fitters.  Mentally I quickly added up the open vacancies I was aware of and it totalled over 1,000.  The facility I was standing in was disgusting and the vision of inefficiency. 


Velocity the Genesis of LEAN

This week’s Issue |  09/04/2012 Reserve Wednesday October03 inyour agenda especially if you are close toTorontobecauseDonSoderquistis coming to speak at the 26th Transportation Conference. We are very excited about this news sinceDonis truly a practitioner and a business leader that others write about.   As I wander through various plants I am constantly amazed if facilities could still produce if duct tape were made extinct.  But it does show how innovative folks can be when it come to using material ... I



This week’s Issue |  02/04/2012   Yesterday before catching a plane home Mariela and I had a chance to visit the Western Development museum in Saskatoon. What started as a time killing activity quickly turned into a great learning adventure.  As the pioneers began to settle in western Canadathe museum showed how the advancement of technology changed to lives of how people evolved.  Interesting that some inventions from only a few years ago, now look antique.   If you manage to be in