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This week’s Issue |28/05/2012   My faith was restored in Humans this past week while flying toWinnipeg.  As we landed inWinnipegthe flight attendant came on the speaker to announce that a few passengers had a very tight connection to make and would the rest of us remained seated until the effected de-planed ... imagine my surprise when the attendant actually had to get back on the speaker to advise us that it was OK to deplane.   We are looking for ideas ...



This week’s Issue | 21/05/2012 This past week we facilitated a grueling Enterprise Value Stream Mapping exercise in Detroit of one of the most paperwork clogged processes we have ever seen. It was enlightening and lots of opportunity. The good thing is that the team although tired still managed to laugh and have fun. Knowing that this is the Canadian Long weekend I avoided the traditional border crossing and opted to take the ferry instead ... this allowed me a


LEAN Transformation

This week’s Issue | 14/05/2012 The best result of doing Value Stream Mapping is allowing folks within an organization to hit the pause button for a few days allowing them to get “ON” their business versus being “IN” the business.  The self realization results found by the team are greater than any other analytical method can provide.



  This week’s Issue |  07/05/2012   Winnipeg has a new airport terminal ... but it significantly lacks space at the few eateries it has behind security.  So we found ourselves sitting with a gent that conducts training of locomotive engineers around the world.  On this occasion he was heading toBrazilto train a bunch of engineers on the new electrical attributes of the Electro Motive Locomotive.  This reminded us about the following story about change ...       There's an old sea story about a