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7 Habits of Successful Teams

This week’s Issue | 25/06/2012 Transitioning through Chicago we experienced just how bad airline customer service can get.  After being delayed by United Airlines for 2 hours we were informed that the flight was cancelled and we needed to rebook for the following day ... not really an option.  Along with a few other stranded passengers we manned the telephones to seek alternatives, this included Air Canada - 45 minute wait to speak to an attendant, followed by no options


Honeywell International … from bitter to sweet

This week’s Issue | 18/06/2012 I have admired Honeywell as a company for a long time ... so whenDaleKellyshared an article published about the company in the The Economist I just had to share ...   However journalists seldom can truly translate Lean Methodologies in their articles primarily because their job is to write.  In the article they speak about meetings ... which I know many of feel there are way too many in your organization ... but if handled correctly using


This week’s Issue | 11/06/2012 Forecasts or Predictions ???  we all do it ... whether in our personal life or building business plans, so when a White Paper from Demand Solutions defining 7 deadly sins of forecasting crossed our screen we thought the content was worthy enough to share through the newsletter.   Like many of you I am intrigued about the explosive use of Social Media but truly wonder if it does have a positive impact on business or making us


10 stupid mistakes in employee relations

This week’s Issue |04/06/2012 As we tour facilitates I am amazed the kind of squalor conditions employees are forced to work in ... I am further astounded that the employers keep stating that good people are hard to find and retain.  The Canadian Census results were revealed this week which showed that we are entering a phase where more than 50% of the population is over 60.  Although this means a huge strain will be placed on Health Care and