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Managing Customer Demand

This week’s Issue | 30/07/2012 This week we take a look at Customer demand and how it relates to Standard Work & Takt time ... something we all need to consider constantly.   We provide custom solutions to organizations ... but some think it is more cost effective to do it in house themselves. But is it ???  This past week we had supplied a client with some Report-Out Boards but one plant decided to make their own ... the result over


FEMA = Failure Mode Effect Analysis

This week’s Issue | 23/07/2012 Just completed week 2 of the Extreme Plant Makeover exercise and the amazing progress continues.  A lot of folks told me that I needed to go home for a rest .. which after 4 straight weeks is probably due ... but more important the organization needs some soak time to absorb change before adopting more.  In summary here is what the organization accomplished this week;   Eliminated the Supervisor’s office and gave them a work station in


the power of AMAZING PEOPLE

This week’s Issue | 16/07/2012 There are lots of articles written about the virtues of Lean ... to the point that most individuals know the lingo.  This past week I had the very pleasant opportunity to run a facility and truly apply some principals into action.  I am calling this adventure “Extreme Plant Makeover” ... this week we just focused on alignment and focus of people with an emphasis on “Sort”.  Similar to painting ... the result is dependent on


another explanation of LEAN Enterprise

This week’s Issue | 09/07/2012 Helping a client these past couple of weeks inSaskatoonhas allowed us to avoid the heat wave of the east.  It has reminded me that no matter how complex a process or how unique an organization feels that they are ... management still comes down to focusing on the basics.  All you need are some simple metrics, graphs and communications to enhance the performance of the organization.  My biggest challenge of the week was to remember