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This week’s Issue | 27/08/2012 It is interesting how paradigms become embedded with organizations and then how the leaders of the organization rationalize the actions to cloak the paradigms instead of facing the Elephant in the room and just dealing with it.  Such was the dialogue this past weekend with one of our favorite friends who also happens to be a client.  Hence John Shook’s e-mail communication really resonated with us .. so much so we decided to reprint the


Another Perspective of LEAN

This week’s Issue | 20/08/2012 A “Task or Project Team” by definition has a beginning and an end with a prescribed deliverable.  However an “Action Team”, has a beginning and grows through empowerment.  They can multi-task and take on several objectives small and large but remain focused on a theme.  We love the use of Action Teams within organizations to enhance positive culture while increasing accountability through empowerment which in essence increases employee engagement.   We were back out west last week



This week’s Issue | 13/08/2012 By 2021, manufacturing analysts estimate that more than 1 million+ jobs will be vacant due to retirement and the inability to find knowledgeable talent.  The glamour has been taken away for those wanting to seek a career in manufacturing.  It then becomes more important than ever to create a professional looking environment within your manufacturing operation to attract and retain good talent.  A strong, solid and disciplined 5S+1 program can help you with this initiative. 



This week’s Issue | 06/08/2012 Back in Saskatoon this past week ... continuing our journey on the Sustaining Extreme Plant Makeover.  The challenges and rewards continue to amaze ... so far we have managed to open a lot of floor-space and have almost completed the first “S” of our 5S+1 journey ... “SORT”.  Now the fun part begins as we start with “SET IN ORDER”, categorizing and placing our items in the following manner;   Runners = 30 second reach Repeaters = accessible