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Tomorrow’s World

This week’s Issue | 30/09/2012 This week while in Saskatoon our building was rededicated in honor of the business founder.  The dedication was an acknowledgment for his and his wife’s innovation and leadership within an R&D environment.  The speakers spoke about his vision and ability to take calculated risk and the benefits that it has brought the province, country and world during the past 35 years. Meanwhile, Mariela was in Arkansas attending a Leadership summit at the Soderquist Center.  As is


Seek Cadence within Process

This week’s Issue | 24/09/2012 Cadence is something we deal with all the time in life ... but seldom give it any focus ... so this week we discuss it in further detail in the newsletter.   Plus, don’t forget to register to attend the Transportation Conference inToronto ... just for the opportunity to hear stories and learning’s fromDonSoderquist.   Finally the curiosity of humans caught on video ... you communicate a message and there is always someone that needs to test the


Support accountability throughout your workplace

This week’s Issue | 10/09/2012 For Starters ... a big CONGRATULATIONS to the team at La-Z-Boy Dayton Tennessee facility for making the finalist list of Industry Week’s Best Plant list for 2012.  This is a dedicated and passionate team who deserve all of the praise.  It actually is a reflection of the entire LZB Residential group who managed to adopt and assimilated Lean as part of the new DNA. A big factor within a Lean deployment is the feat of “distributing


5S+1 as an enabler

This week’s Issue | 10/09/2012 Phil D’eon from Case Bank shared the following video clip of Willow Run Airport where Ford was putting one bomber out the factory door every 55 minutes!   Today Airbus is struggling to build 40 A320s per month.  Mind you the burning platform was providing planes for the WW 2 effort.  Hope you like the video ... __._,_.___ Willow Run Bomber Plant If you want to learn more about Willow Run … please do a Google



This week’s Issue | 03/09/2012 All over the place people are celebrating Labour day today.  It is a celebration of the economic and social contributions of workers.  Which pretty well means all of us.  So take the time to celebrate with your family with Brats, Burgers and the BBQ !!!   The Resident Love Goddess and I made it safe to our condo in Floridafor 2 weeks of relaxation and reflection.  We skirted the effects of Hurricane Isaac and made a pledge