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This week’s Issue | 28/01/2013 This week Mariela and I enjoyed sharing our knowledge with others teaching an training others about Business Best Practices and Lean Enterprise Methodologies.  It always unfortunate that folks become acquainted with a Lean Attribute and then think that is what Lean is all about ... but folks don’t know what they don’t know ... so it always a joy to broaden people’s knowledge. On the way back from Detroit we had the luxury of seeing an



This week’s Issue | 21/01/2013 CONGRATULATIONS !!! The La-Z-Boy Dayton TN facility for winning this year’s Industry Week Best Plant award.  Although the TN plant is who actually won the award it is really well deserved by all of the manufacturing locations.  Success has many winners and failure but one ... so this success could not have happened without the combined engagement and participation of every member. We started the week by being able to attend a leadership summit at


The Incredible Disappearing Workforce

This week’s Issue | 14/01/2013 Last week as Mariela I toured a facility ... the leader of the organization queried us on how he can change the culture of his organization.  What prompted this comment was a tour of the washroom where paper towels we thrown on the floor ... excess water splashed all around the sinks and the leader making a comment that he had visited a supplier a couple of week earlier and witnessed their employees wiping around


Three (Incredibly Simple) Questions

This week’s Issue | 01/01/2013 What a great way to start the New Year by being able to do a quick visit to the NAPA Valley.  The Resident Love Goddess and I truly attempted to enjoy some well deserved downtime to relax and get rejuvenated before heading into an exciting 2013. While wandering the internet we came across this contribution by Mike Maddock, Contributor to Forbes who is an  Entrepreneur, Author and Idea Monkey. He presented us with 3 simple questions