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7 Ways to Keep Your Team Motivated

This week’s Issue | 25/02/2013 This was a fun and busy week ... We were extra busy in the Solutions Store designing and assembling Visual Factory enablers.  It is fun being Practitioners being able to help other Practitioners accelerate their journey.  We also facilitated our second class of our Consortium Lean Leader session and once again was amazed by what the students had accomplished with just lesson learned from the first class.  Just amazing what people can do as they


This week’s Issue | 18/02/2013 This week I made my pilgrimage to the Windsor Tunnel to review our working Visa.  This is always an anxious and nerve racking expedition ... but we were pleasantly pleased that the USA Government had updated the office for the Customs agents.  I am certain they spent millions on technology and furnishings ... it all looked great until ... There on the door of the washroom was a hand written note affixed with tons of


This week’s Issue | 11/02/2013 Many times we are asked about what we do ... so it become important to have a honed Elevator Speech rehearsed.  Like many Practitioners we are all constantly in a selling mode so it is likely a worthy investment of time to follow the 5 Step methodology outlined in this week’s newsletter. As our Smart Phones evolve in technology they can also provide some great applications.  For a glimpse in the not too distant future enjoy


This week’s Issue | 04/02/2013 We all know that the adoption of Lean Methodologies will open up capacity within your processes ... as this happens what should you do with your employees?  This week’s newsletter presents some ideas for you to explore. On a more sombre note ... my father is the ultimate organized individual ... probably where I learned a lot of my Lean principals from.  So imagine being summoned to a meeting to review all of the scenarios and