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This week’s Issue | 25/03/2013 Looks like this was a fun week in politics where several examples were exposed that Lean Methodologies could make our systems run much better ...   It started in Israel with the President’s car being fueled incorrectly ... a great opportunity for error proofing ... Fuel Mix up   Later here in Ontario our longest standing and oldest Mayor at the age of 92 took all of the provincial leaders to task in televised rant about inappropriate funding


Lean Deployment OBSERVATION

This week’s Issue | 18/03/2013 This week was a busy week touring several different types of facilities across NA.  This of course meant going through airport security several times ... the most inefficient process on the planet. I just do not understand why they do not extend the intake line with roller conveyors so people can drop change etc into trays while opening up the laptop ... and how much would it cost to install a return conveyor to send


some BEST BUSINESS practices

This week’s Issue | 11/03/2013 Saw my first Robin of the year ... a sure sign that spring is very close ... unfortunately it was while I was in Lexington. The Resident Love Goddess and I are on the hunt for some hardwood flooring.  We are seeking a particular shade which seems elusive ... so we are wandering through nearly every flooring store within southern Ontario, this not only gives us a chance to see flooring but just how different owners



This week’s Issue | 04/03/2013 Now that Obama has signed into law Sequestration will this stimulate Lean Thinking?  In most households once your spending exceeds your income you either get an additional job or figure out how to live with less ... so let us see what the impact is going to have. My father, who is constantly surfing the internet shared some diverse technology feats with me this week. The first is the backyard engineer who evolved his snow blower into