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This week’s Issue | 29/04/2013 What was old becomes new again ... This week I was busy sprucing up a Supply Chain infrastructure methodology for a client.  A significant attribute of the value proposition for any organization in addition to people are the supporting supply chain.  I believe that the companies that place a positive focus on building supplier partnerships are the ones that will lead the way in any competitive sector.  I witnessed this personally recently when members of



This week’s Issue | 22/04/2013 Many years ago while studying business our professor used a living case study (at that time) comparing leadership traits between Eastern Airlines and South West.  As we all know Airlines are constantly entering bankruptcy and we as consumers have our choice of which bankrupt airline to fly with.  So during the case study it was interesting how these two organizations factored in financial performance requirements into their leadership model.  In the case of Eastern Airlines



This week’s Issue | 15/04/2013 Big or Small we are shocked by how many organizations launch Goals without plans ... and then to continue the pain of obscurity link the goals to KPI’s that for the most part are uncontrollable by the teams.  Of course sometimes goals are not self induced but rather imposed on the organization by market conditions, which often creates a Whack-A-Mole methodology instead of a deliberate strategic path, typically stemming for a good facilitated Enterprise Value



This week’s Issue | 08/04/2013 Working with a Consortium Member this week prompted this week’s article in Lean Thoughts.  I am a strong believer in Management by walking around within operations ... but with a purpose and the purpose needs to include Key Performance Indicators that provide controllable feed-back to our employees as a measure of success.   In this case our member was looking for a metric to measure warehouse performance ... by using some simple traditional manufacturing metrics I believe


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This week’s Issue | 01/04/2013 The snow finally melted off of our driveway allowing us to take the Toy out for a bit of run, which reminded me of the following video ... Mercedes SLS AMG Doing that kind of feat really requires a team so here are the 7 Traits of Super Teams For several decades, I have been studying what makes for great teams. I have come up with a list of seven common denominators of great teams.