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This week’s Issue | 29/07/2013 Managing a 9 hour jet-lag this week while in California did not prove to be as a big a challenge as anticipated ... thankfully ! When working with organizations we are constantly being bombarded that Lean Methodologies will not work because we do not understand the high degree of variability the organization needs to manage on a constant basis.  This is akin to their secret sauce that seems to make them so extra special ... wrong


PUSH OR PULL … Lean Implementation

This week’s Issue | 22/07/2013 WE ARE BACK !!!!   Our vacation to Europe during the past 2 weeks was amazing ... even better than expected.  We enjoyed the sights & smells of The Netherlands including a very cool afternoon cruising the canals of Amsterdam.  We then took the ferry from The Netherlands to the UK to visit a good friend Bob Davis.  We were pleased to see Bob holding his own and being able to join us for a lengthy dinner.