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MANUFACTURING are your listening?

This week’s Issue | 26/08/2013 We are nearing the informal end of summer and soon for many the 2014 budgeting and strategic planning process will commence. Next week we will provide you with some Thought Starters and Ideas that hopefully will provoke some break through results in 2014.  This week we look at potential opportunity to revitalize your business and explore the demographics of social media users.   When we talk about innovation and technology I think you will appreciate the following



This week’s Issue | 19/08/2013 It was finally time to upgrade our Smart Phone this past week.  I was loyal to BlackBerry and patiently waited for the new model to arrive ... but a bit of old school I still wanted a stand qwerty keyboard ... but alas we switched to the new HTC1 Smart Phone ... and now I really feel old until I get to master all of the new technology features the phone can offer.  But so


Zip & Postal Codes for your Facility

This week’s Issue | 12/08/2013 As an owner of a Mercedes and a member of the Mercedes club I automatically receive their monthly magazine. In the latest issue is an excellent article about the MB Production system with its roots in TPS.  It has been the most insightful articles I have read recently about Lean.  What is not well revealed in the article is that the MB Productions system was created by a couple of former Leaders from the Toyota



This week’s Issue | 05/08/2013 We are living a wonderful story. Several years ago Mariela’s sister arrived in Canada with minimal capability of using the English language.  She decided to study hard and when she had a minimum proficiency ventured to Toronto where she accepted a position in retail. In spite of her efforts by increasing sales by 30% the establishment failed.  Now that the store was available she jumped back at the opportunity to run a retail operation (something