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The power of ERROR

This week’s Issue | 30/09/2013 Ring, Ring ... “Hello this is Richard” ...  I answered and so another journey began.  We were asked to visit a small entrepreneur who has built a global entity but was now facing organizational difficulties and attaining profitability.  The Resident Love Goddess and I decided to dedicate a day to explore this entity to see what advice we could offer.  After a tour of the facility we found that they had very dedicated people who


we remember EIJI TOYODA

This week’s Issue | 23/09/2013 This week Eiji Toyoda passed away at the ripe age of 100.  We have dedicated this week’s newsletter to an article written by Jon Miller who reflects on some of the accomplishments made by Eiji ... more important is reading some of his quotes ... really good lessons to reflect upon.   Next week we begin a new journey with the newsletter (this an outcome of our strategic planning session).  During the next year we will journey


The Things That Kill “Going Lean Successfully”

This week’s Issue | 16/09/2013 A plan without execution just becomes a wish.  We have concluded our 2 weeks of strategic planning while sitting on the beach in Ft Meyers Florida.  Planning requires discussions, brain storming, reflections and in our case judging the sunsets.  In some cases we will be making subtle changes to our platforms and in other cases something radically new.  Solutions created through our Solutions Store are going to be expanded.  During the next couple of weeks


This week’s Issue | 09/09/2013 This week we continue in providing you some thought starters to be included in your budgeting and strategic planning process. The strategic planning process continues here in Florida with a daily interruption of a Thunder storm which reminded us of this amazing video ...   Enjoy,


This week’s Issue | 02/09/2013 The celebration of Labor marks the unofficial end of summer ... For many it is a celebration that the kids are going back to school and an uncelebration to the kids going back to school !  But with this life returns back to a rhythmic cadence and process progress can resume.  For many this is the dawn of reflecting on the past year and beginning to plan for the upcoming year ... but hey we