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Roots of LEAN

This week’s Issue | 28/10/2013 The delay of this week’s newsletter was entirely due to the RLG and I enjoying the annual pilgrimage to the Niagara Peninsula visiting several of the small wineries.  This year’s tour was organized by a member of our Mercedes Club who is also a grape grower within the region.  I can now share some trivia about the art of growing grapes;   ·         All root stock of grape vines comes from


Stand in the CIRCLE

This week’s Issue | 21/10/2013 We increased sales by over 18 million this past week while in Cincinnati and Nashville just by standing around doing observations.  When you convert your opportunities into dollars and then divide that number with your EBIDTA as a percentage will show you how much more you will need is sales dollars to add to bottom line.  Doing this calculation increases the urgency of implementing Lean methodology improvements.  The best part the opportunities identified


The Cost of Absenteeism

This week’s Issue | 14/10/2013 The Resident Love Goddess and I have been busy the last couple of weeks attending and participating in several conferences.  We started the journey by being the opening Key-Note speakers at the BIO-INDUSTRIAL INNOVATION CONFERENCE ... it was very cool to see and hear about so many innovations percolating with many nearing commercialization.  Approximately 50% of the chemicals currently being produced from a petro-chemical base are now available from a renewable resource. Unfortunately many Bio-Science


Another Perspective look at LEAN

This week’s Issue | 30/09/2013 This week Mariela and I were the opening key-note speakers at the Bio-Innovation Conference hosted in Sarnia. Since many of the presenters were exposing cutting edge new formulations using renewable resources instead of petroleum based substrates it was very interesting what kind of cool new stuff is slowly entering the marketplace.  The use of renewable substrates is more costly of course so it was nice that these folks understood the need to be early adopters