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Merry Christmas

This week’s Issue | 20/12/2013 MERRY CHRISTMAS   Time for Kunst Solutions to unplug for the balance of the year and enjoy some relaxing time with our family.  But we will be back in January 2014.   We've been fortunate and busy this year developing great product and programs for our client friends  and delivering impactful results.  Results not only in process improvements but also the joy of people learning and applying new skills. Our team has helped build character and leadership ability within your talented organization.


7 Tips to manage your temporary workers

This week’s Issue | 16/12/2013 Looks like we have become masters at dodging storms recently ... just escaped the freezing  rain in Nashville and spending the weekend in California has enabled us to miss the first major snow storm back home.  We are seeing more organizations using temporary workers at a greater percentage ... but expecting them to fit right in with regular employees ... wrong !!!  This week we assembled some simple tips to better manage your


5 FEET is 2.5 seconds

This week’s Issue | 08/12/2013 Apologies for the newsletter arriving a day early ... doing a quick turn coming home from Nashville heading to California.  We managed to miss the storm heading through the mid west by a few hours ... it was busy in Nashville Airport and really quiet once we landed in Toronto ... we will see what it is like later this afternoon at the airport.   As you are slowly winding down


Find the PULSE and control it

This week’s Issue | 02/12/2013 December ... already.   Last week we started the discussion of how to work slowing on gaining respect from our work force ... this week we wander into the dreaded forum of Forecasting.  Enjoy our ongoing story of revitalizing a company.   BTW ... want to give your organization and early Christmas Present then make sure to do a little shopping in our Solutions Store.