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This week’s Issue | 28/04/2014 This week we took time to join in the 15th anniversary celebration of the SoderquistCenter in Arkansas.  It was a memorable event where we were able to gain some of the leadership insights from leaders like Doug McMillon current President & CEO of Wal Mart, Steve Reinemund former Chairman and CEO of PepsiCo, John Pepper



This week’s Issue | 21/04/2014 This week we remained local revisiting a team we had provided some training to a few weeks ago.  It was awesome to see how the team had applied their training and improved several processes by increasing through-put by 80% and productivity by 60%.  This organization originally felt that no improvements in their processes were possible … now it was delightful to watch the employees looking at processes with eyes for flow and eyes


The 7 Worst Ways To End A Meeting

This week’s Issue | 14/04/2014 We have a rule when we provide training ... if a person arrives late after a break or lunch they must dance for the class.  I have always been frustrated by folks who show disrespect by arriving late to meetings.  Turns out there are other things you should not do with meetings as discussed in this week’s newsletter.   For a bit of fun take a look at a jet powered


Is OEE a useful Key Performance Indicator?

This week’s Issue | 06/04/2014 We had an exciting facility visit this past week in California.  What made it exciting?  ... Watching shop floor people who were extremely nervous a couple of months ago reporting on their performance numbers with not only confidence but knowing what drove the numbers.  As I spoke with one of the operators during a break in the action she shared the following “ I used to be scared with the big people came