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10 inexpensive ways to boost moral

This week’s Issue | 26/05/2014 Let us face it ... every day is hectic ... our plans are quickly changed by emergencies and we forget to pause to acknowledge our employees ... I edited some key portions of an article that crossed my desk recently with some tips on how to improve employee moral quickly and with minimal expense ... maybe you can try one this week.  In addition, my father sent me the following ....   This one's really great! (


1 Billion

This week’s Issue | 19/05/2014 This week was a break from the action and our opportunity to teach at Xavier University in Cincinnati. Cincinnati is a great place to visit .. but not when you are a Canadian looking to watch game 7 between Montreal and Boston.  Our thanks to Will who


5S+1 … not a housekeeping methodology

This week’s Issue | 11/05/2014 Spring weather was finally in the air which motivated us to begin our spring chores.  Our property had become devastated in December after a freezing rain storm ... so this week with 4 people and a huge chipper we managed to clear all of the many tree branches from the yard and were able to mulch several beds.  We are actually pretty minimal and lean ... but over time stuff seems to creep


Managing Workplace ABSENTEEISM

This week’s Issue | 05/05/2014 What is the definition of an extroverted engineer?  ... a person who talks to your shoes instead of their own.   So this found Mariela and I working with a great engineering company in British Columbia where a design build project can take anywhere from 3 - 10 years to realize.  This plant has to be one of the most clean and well organized facilities we have