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Question TO Stupidity

This week’s Issue | 30/06/2014 A good way to de-clutter the house is to conduct a re-fresh of your surroundings.  Mariela and I have been very busy during the last couple of weeks refreshing our house as our favorite contractors have invaded us to install new flooring and make some other minor modifications.  I have been ripping out mile of wires that used to support old technology now replaced with modern wireless conveniences ... before long the digital


How People Learn

This week’s Issue | 23/06/2014 This past week we were conducting a training session locally.  It was great to review with a past trained team just how well they were applying what they had learned from us a couple of months ago and how much progress they continue to make.   We know that people who learn resonate there learning through the 3 key modes of;   Orator -- those


Choice Overload

This week’s Issue | 16/06/2014 This past week found us working in British Columbia with a client where there is no lack of engineering talent.  This is one of the most advanced and truly organized facilities we have been through.  Here they work on design applications that can take up to 10 years to develop before a physical product can be touched.  So what is the problem? ... communication.  So it was a wonderful


Orator, Visual or Touch Communications ?

This week’s Issue | 02/06/2014 Communication !!!  Interesting that we as humans are basically social creatures by nature but we constantly complain that within our business organizations communication can be improved.  So it is probably not a big surprise that we spend a considerable amount of time training organizations on how to conduct quick stand-up update meetings using “precision speaking” and “generous Listening” but communication goes beyond meetings and extends into how you create the visual workplace where