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Managing Customer Demand

This week’s Issue | 28/07/2014 With forecasts we definitely know the following;   They are always wrong If you get it right … you just got lucky   At best, they can show trend … so is there a better way to manage customer demand?  This week we explore some potential options in the newsletter.


Managing workplace absenteeism

This week’s Issue | 21/07/2014 We are enjoying a pause in the action and using the opportunity to refresh and enhance the digital manor.  Although we look forward to enjoying the results the journey to get there can be challenging … although we are blessed to be working with contractors we have know for many years.  It is interesting to see the work methodology each of the trades employs to get the job done …  


Do Differently Every Day

This week’s Issue | 14/07/2014 Someone wise once told me that even though there are literally 1,000’s of books published on how to play golf and even if you read them all there is no assurance that you will be a great golfer … and so it is with being a Lean Practitioner.  Methods are methods but the application and coaching is what will make them successful and become part of your organizational DNA. 


The “Forever” Rule

This week’s Issue | 07/07/2014 First ... a very Happy Birthday to my father who become 85 years young today !  He continues to remain an inspiration and constant input of learning to me everyday .  It is wonderful to see that as new technology emerges he is not afraid of it but rather grasps it, learns it and then masters the new technology ... guess that is what keeps him young.   We are seeing