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The Learning Cycle

This week’s Issue | 25/08/2014 Earlier in my career I found that as a leader you need to find a balance in your career between the roles of being either a teacher or a student.  As a student you take the role of learning the business, processes and your people and in the role of a teacher helping those learn new methods, processes and innovation.  If your role becomes too much of being the teacher you become bored and if


Questioning for Performance & Creating Challenges

This week’s Issue | 18/08/2014 This week we had the joy of having to renew our EU passport which required us to venture into downtown Toronto.  And the adage is true for Canada … winter is just an interruption for construction.  It was impossible to drive any direct route to our intended destination and not hit a patch of construction … but alas we were successful.  More exciting, was that we were able to make this pilgrimage with our 86


Performance Metrics

This week’s Issue | 11/08/2014 This past week we found ourselves working in the Baltimore area .. a place that we had never been before.  As always we enjoyed participating in some of the local amenities such as eating crab on a roof-top restaurant and then at the urging f a fellow team member we took the train into downtown Washington DC where we took a sunset tour of the capital.  The timing was


Process Cadence

This week’s Issue | 04/08/2014 For Mariela and I the true reward of accomplishment is the look in employees eyes after they have learned new tools for process improvement.  This was especially the case during this past week as we pitted a couple of shop floor teams against a team of seasoned engineers.  A bit of a surprise that the shop team members actually pout performed the engineers ... but all of the teams