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This week’s Issue | 29/09/2014 This past week we were working in Chicago and scheduled to fly home on Friday evening … then we heard the news … someone had set fire in one of the radar control stations.  Our fellow colleagues had their flights (Southwest) immediately cancelled but ours continued to show on schedule for the balance of the day.  Since the facility we were working at was in the take-off flight path for both O’Hare and Midway we


Two paths to a QUICK CHANGE-OVER

This week’s Issue | 22/09/2014 I love hitting the pause button in processes … it is powerful when conducting a Value Stream Mapping exercise to highlight powerful opportunities for improvement.  However, this past week we forced our team to stand and observe a change-over … and they cringed!!  But with a few changes they were able to implement some of Shingo’s set-up reduction principals which reduced our line stop from 53 minutes to 5 … what a great accomplishment.  So


Remember the core principals of Lean

This week’s Issue | 15/09/2014 Sometimes a great opportunity to improve appears from left field.  This past week we were working with a team to focus on improving a core and highly visible process when all of a sudden our team member had to change the battery in his lift truck.  What we then observed propelled us to apply some quick SMED principals that resulted in a new battery change method that has enabled the organization with the ability to


DON”T WALK !!! Stand and observe

This week’s Issue | 07/09/2014 This week we remained pretty focused on getting through our renovation schedule and eliminating our contractors from our dependent list.  It is interesting to stand and observe how the trades do their work and what make a certain trade more effective and productive than others … so we decided about observation in this week’s newsletter. However, as we have upgraded many of our technologies we have some items that we are offering at a discounted


Poka Yoke (Mistake Proofing)

This week’s Issue | 02/09/2014 Yeah .. it is Labour Day weekend and we do have labourers installing plumbing and electricians finishing the final wiring of the digital manor.  Not exactly my choice of how to spend a long weekend … but we are grateful to see our renovation projects slowly coming to a conclusion.  During the renovation process one gets exposed to new devices and gadgets and since we seldom get e chance to play with these items it