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Clean Lean Office

This week’s Issue | 27/10/2014 Shifting paradigms is always a challenge.  For some insane reason people believe that batching is better than single piece flow mainly because they fail to see the importance of throughput and productivity.  Now breaking this paradigm on the shop floor is easier than in the office … mainly because it becomes easier to see flow and waste on the shop floor.  In the office many of the processes are electronic making flow more difficult to


Can You Tell Me How to Get to Carnegie Hall?

This week’s Issue | 20/10/2014 This past week we found ourselves teaching at Xavier University in Cincinnati.  We love teaching these open enrollment courses since we get to experience a very diverse group of interested students.  Similar to when we visit companies we are quickly informed about how “unique” they are and how Lean may not work for them … but then by the end of the first day minds are spinning about how to adopt the methodologies.  I am


Execute your Plan

This week’s Issue | 13/10/2014 For our Canadian readers … HAPPY THANKSGIVING !!!!   In your personal life or running your business everyone needs a plan to execute in order to measure success.  I am constantly amazed how many companies are clueless about planning or communicating the plan to every facet of the organization and then surprised when the plan fails to execute.  Planning is good and communication of the plan increases success … as long as it is realistic.   My apologies that


ASSESSMENTS … what happened to the Baldrig Award?

This week’s Issue | 06/10/2014 The retention of labor is becoming an increasing challenge for most organizations even more for organizations that tend to use a lot of contract labor.  The contract labor pool is its own very special community where the employees show minimal allegiance to any organization and can pick from any local employer to work with since the wage rates are pretty much the same … so how do you get them to pick your company?  This