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What is your Employee Retention Plan ????

This week’s Issue | 23/11/2014 I am starting to understand how bad processes mature in organizations.  The organization hires an employee typically as a contract or tem employee.  If the employee shows good attitude and develops reasonable aptitude they potentially become a full-time employee.  However they are seldom trained to understand process so they are left to their own devices to get the job done ... so bad processes are potentially created and as additional folks are hired they absorb


The internet of things to come to Manufacturing

This week’s Issue | 17/11/2014 Why is the natural tendency by humans to batch everything?  Typically we work with organizations to sort out product flow from being batched around technology islands migrating to cellular concepts and single-piece-flow.  We have also realized huge benefits when applying similar concepts within administrative processes … if I had my way I would demolish all offices to open lines of communication and information flow.   This week we worked with an organization that constipated their information pipeline


Everything is a Change Management Problem

This week’s Issue | 10/11/2014 This past week while in Cincinnati Mariela and I found a great jazz club that also managed to serve great food.  It truly was like taking a step back in time … almost like visiting a seniors center but with vibrant participants.   Our class was diversified and it was awesome as the students began to realize that it is all about process, whether it be Health Care provision, Service Providers or Manufacturing.  As the class discussions


Contract Employees are people too

This week’s Issue | 03/11/2014 For years organizations would assess business opportunities based on technology and process capabilities while assuming that labor availability was infinite.  We always thought the barrier to gain business would be access to capital … But no longer  … we are hearing about trucking companies turning down contracts because of labor shortages.  Companies are struggling with finding Contract Labor … so we are starting to see a paradigm shift that has companies starting to look at