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This week’s Issue | 22/12/2014 This will be our last newsletter for 2014 … we hope that our newsletter has inspired you with some though starters during the year to create a better work environment.  Our last newsletter for 2014 focuses on Safety since we want you back as a reader in 2015. Hopefully this will help get you into the holiday spirit ! This was filmed in a German grocery store with 13 hidden cameras and very well trained cashiers! 


Who Was Responsible for the Discovery of Magnetism?

This week’s Issue | 15/12/2014 The Resident Love Goddess and I were facilitating a workshop in Columbus Ohio this past week with an amazing team.  Part of the exercise included training on the use of A3 methodology for problem solving.  The initial results showed root cause to be “operator error” … when we explained that the company only hired perfect people and that process needs to blamed we saw significant improvement in root cause analysis.  Which should remind our readers


Just how many people do you need?

This week’s Issue | 08/12/2014 Learned another valuable lesson during this past week.  We were facilitating a workshop in a moderately automated operation.  Here the scheduler had scheduled a machine to run at a certain pace to match the customer’s requirements … folks got excited when the machine was able to produce at the correct cadence but actually that rate of product coming off at the end of the line was significantly slower … why ??  because we failed to