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This week’s Issue | 16/02/2015 Had the opportunity to rekindle memories with my Valentine yesterday.  We decided to have dinner at the restaurant where we had our first meeting and I fell in love with her.  It was a wonderful event and then made us realize just how long it has been … but still not long enough.   This week we investigate ways on how you can rid yourself of valuable employees and as an employee how to future-proof yourself.  Often



This week’s Issue | 09/02/2015 It amazes me that some companies still just don’t get it … Lean is an investment not an expense !!!  We have been warning organizations that the labor availability crunch is lurking very close … people can and will make choices is your facility professional looking and appealing?  Recent studies have shown that 60% of the current work force will become eligible to retire within the coming 5 years.  I am already hearing from trucking


FIRST 30 — part 2

This week’s Issue | 02/02/2015 For Mariela and myself a key guiding principal in running our humble practice is that we do not have clients but rather a network of friends.  We quickly weed out potential friends after our first visit to an organization  … if either of us feel that we would not like to have the folks we just met at our home the relationship ends.  However, having friends also carries a lot of responsibilities and rewards.   This week