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10 Questions to ask about your Measurement System

This week’s Issue | 30/03/2015 We constantly work with companies that are data rich but information poor.  But it gets even worse when it comes to measurement systems … there may be measures in the board room but at ground zero employees just hope to get through the day safely and without being yelled at by a supervisor … not exactly a great way to measure success and definitely not a great measure of employee engagement.  People are competitive and


Stop Fighting Emergency Fires in Five Steps

This week’s Issue | 23/03/2015 Fortunately we did not feel the impact of Spring break with our travels this week to Montreal.  Even our regular parking spot at the airport was vacant and waiting for our arrival.  We had the joy of working with a team to develop a manufacturing strategy for a new upcoming product that has a high potential to revolutionize their industry.  Very exciting and honorable for us to be part of this truly global team with


How to run a Sales Meeting

This week’s Issue | 16/03/2015 Most folks and organizations find it easy to apply Lean Enterprise methodologies inside operations because the process is easy to see … but huge advancements can be made when you apply Lean to back office operations. The application of cells in office environments drives collaboration and single-piece flow … this is why no offices exist at Toyota.  Plus they have determined that everything is process related including Sales.  So this week we explore how as


Green Eggs & Ham

This week’s Issue | 09/03/2015 What may seem simple and intuitive can be a challenge for others.  Thus we enjoy working and training teams on some basic observation methodologies that allow them to improve process.  Enterprise Value Stream Mapping is a great method to force an organization to pause and get on their business instead of fighting while in the business.  So often we see Team Members jump into a process thinking they are helping when in actual fact they