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Is Amazon’s Dash Button a Boost to Supply Chain?

This week’s Issue | 27/04/2015 A major delay in Dallas created a ripple effect to our travel plans this past weekend not allowing us to do a short laundry stop at home before heading to Halifax.  BTW, in spite how bad the east coast was hammered with snow storms we were surprised by just how much snow has melted so far … but there is still snow on the ground especially in the shadow areas.   Last week had a  chance to


Are you copying the wrong business model?

This week’s Issue | 20/04/2015 Mariela and I had the joy of doing a training session this past week in Cincinnati.  We have a great class of eager students.  The discussion of Lean with its roots based on Toyota methodologies created a lot of discussion … but I am also a huge fan of process perfection mastered by McDonalds ... which I think is a better model to follow.  Why ???  read on in this week’s newsletter.   We are seeing steady


How is your LEAN journey ?

This week’s Issue | 13/04/2015 Every once in awhile you need to pause and assess where you are on your journey … so this week we provide you with a quick assessment to measure your progress on your Lean journey.


Lean Stumbles … and … how to get back up

This week’s Issue | 06/04/2015 The mastery of Lean is interesting to vision when we work with organizations.  In many cases an organization gets exposed to a methodology which delivers some amazing results so then they accelerate the deployment of this methodology thinking they have embraced Lean when in fact they have just barely skimmed the surface of opportunity.  The adoption of Lean methodologies is a step function that requires the building of methodologies on ones learned and in many