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Stories for CI and Leadership

This week’s Issue | 25/05/2015 Since many of our readers are south of the border enjoying this weekend as the unofficial start of summer we thought we would keep it light and hopefully inspire you with some short stories about Leadership and Continuous Improvement.  This week we are off to Quebec City as we continue to work on developing a manufacturing strategy for our customer … BTW we love Quebec City so this is not a hard trip to endure.   So


Velocity the Genesis of LEAN

This week’s Issue | 11/05/2015 This past week we were in Cincinnati conducting our Lean Certification training at Xavier University.  Cincinnati is a wonderful city full of rich architecture and several wonderful restaurants.  We typically stay on the Covington side of the Ohio River so we can gaze at the wonderful city scape of Cincinnati. As part of the training we truly enjoy visiting current and past students work environments and providing them with additional tips, tricks and coaching and


Tips to 5S your computer

This week’s Issue | 11/05/2015 I was amazed at just how cold our winter was … this past week we had the chance to visit an old friend in Syracuse NY … as we left it was showing 30 degrees C on our thermometer when we decided to stop for lunch at small restaurant next to Lake Ontario the temperature had dropped to 13.5 degrees C indicating that the wind blowing over the water was cooling the air like a


It is NOT a container …

This week’s Issue | 04/05/2015 2 weeks ago we were enjoying 80+F degree weather and then this past week we were on the East coast enjoying Halifax.  Those poor folks really did get blasted with winter and the cold weather just doesn’t want to leave these folks alone.  However, the lobster remained tasty as Mariela and I did our very best to make the ocean safer by eating as many of them as we could.   I am always surprised how people