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Subliminal Messaging

This week’s Issue | 29/06/2015 We have been working with an organization recently that is significantly under-performing.  They have had a constant rotation of plant leaders and blame everything for the under-performance other than their environment.  Just a quick walk through the facility will quickly tell you why this operation is just not delivering the results it could.  So this week we ask you to take another look at your organization to define the subliminal message it is conveying …


Bull Whip

This week’s Issue | 22/06/2015 One of the benefits of having a truly “Pull” system is that your ERP system will not create over-reaction at the bottom of your BOM to minor changes at the top.  This is called the “Bull Whip” effect and plagues almost all organizations … which we discuss in this week’s newsletter.   It seems that our life is getting impacted by people who have decided to retire … we just lost our Accountant and our Dentist and


How to Motivate unmotivated people

This week’s Issue | 15/06/2015 This past week we enjoyed working with a team in Dallas on set-up and change-over reduction.   As we see often when a new methodology is introduced to an organization we have the desire to show an instruct the team with very advanced attributes of the methodology but at times you just need to provide the team with the basics and let them work with them until it becomes part of the DNA and then return with


Designing the RUBBER production environment.

This week’s Issue | 08/06/2015 Over the past several weeks we have been working with an organization introducing them to a Product Realization methodology.  A critical component of the methodology is the development of a FMEA and like many companies they had the “form” … but did not follow the supporting methodology so that the FMEA did not become a bible of sorts instead of focusing on the vital few that are critical to the customer.   Another aspect of the Product


Accelerating your Lean Deployment

This week’s Issue | 01/06/2015 Sometimes People see the opportunity to change and then want to accomplish it at the speed of light … however they need to remember that their associates may not have the same self discovery at the same time … so t now becomes as simple as learning how to manage your organization’s culture speed and creating a Brand Image specification for your company … so that is the fodder for this week’s newsletter.   I received this