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Get “ON” your business

This week’s Issue | 20/07/2015 Welcome to the “dog” days of summer … where the heat is so intense you lack motivation to accomplish even simple tasks … but mind remains active and alert.  For many organizations they are entering the final fiscal quarters of the year and looking to see if they are still on “plan” or not.  This is a good time of year to conduct some reflections as you refine or develop your Strategic Plan for the


Demming’s PDCA and Value Stream Mapping

This week’s Issue | 14/07/2015 Recently I have been seeing a lot of articles related to conducting “Gemba walks” … once again making an initiative for something that should be common sense.  So in essence doing a Gemba walk is going to where the action happens and do observations.  It is the walk part that concerns since it implies that you will be as successful as a drive-by shooting in identification of waste elimination opportunities.  Instead we suggest that you


Visitors are your best auditors

This week’s Issue | 06/07/2015 One of the best parts of our career is that we get to see inside many different industries and at time to gain a real understanding of how they function.  Unfortunately, many of those stakeholders remain focused on being “in” their business instead of taking time to get “on” their business so they can find opportunities to advance their business or find that strategic differenator.  We pride ourselves in helping those companies that truly want


Summer Reading

This week’s Issue | 27/07/2015 Hope everyone is enjoying the bounties of summer … not including those pesky mosquitoes!  This is the time of year when people take a break to enjoy some downtime and vacation so we decided to suggest some summer reading for when you are lounging beside the pool, lake or river.   We are currently in discussion with the Soderquist Center scheduling the next session of our Lean Leadership Academy.  Here attendees learn how to blend leadership skills