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Creating a LEAN Culture

This week’s Issue | 31/08/2015 Creating a Lean Culture is a lot of work and takes quite some time to accomplish before it is part of your organizational DNA, but once accomplished provides unbelievable benefits.  If you are bored today you can have some fun doing science experiments …


The Tasks of a LEAN Manager

This week’s Issue | 24/08/2015   Changing the DNA of an organization is always a challenge.  If new methods and not firmly programmed into every single individual the instant that chaos erupts the organization will revert back to the improper methodologies.  This is why it s important to constantly be training and training through a standardized repetitive manner so when chaos erupts the organization will react in the appropriate manner.  You may not have a “burning platform” now but eventually you


OSKKK & 8 Questions

This week’s Issue | 17/08/2015 Hope all are enjoying the wonderful muggy days of August.  We are !!  Some things feel intuitive while for others they need to be incorporated into a methodology.  Hence the emergence of OSKKK … don’t know what it means? Then you will need to eek and read this week’s newsletter. Profound for the casual side this week.  Definitely worth watching. Enough to blow one's mind!  


5 Minute 5S+1

This week’s Issue | 10/08/2015 Lean is not a destination but rather the embrace of a philosophy. You are in constant pursuit of perfection and even if you think you have accomplished it, you need to find the next benchmark of perfection.  The challenge is that most organizations settle into a mode of complacency and can no longer see opportunity … the use of T-Cards can keep activities alive.  Getting started on your Lean journey can seem overwhelming but if you


The 4 Types of Productivity Styles

This week’s Issue | 03/08/2015 As a leader and trainer we are constantly sharing tools and methodologies to enhance productivity.  At times we get frustrated that people cannot or will not embrace a new methodology while in other cases tools and methodologies that seem natural to us are difficult for others to comprehend.  So it was refreshing to find and read an article written by Carson Tate about The 4 Types of Productivity Styles.  Once you identify your own