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Why are your Employees Quitting?

This week’s Issue | 28/09/2015 I know that there is a lot of talk about our supposed recession but to most that we speak with the number 1 concern is finding help … good help in fact.  This seems to be the biggest hindrance to company’s ability to grow … so it makes sense to create an environment that would insure good people to want to stay.  This typically requires more than providing a living wage.  It means what your



This week’s Issue | 21/09/2015 Most of us focus on improving our internal operations by optimizing processes.  But in essence for every individual you have internally there are at least 10 people supporting you within your supply chain.  Hence it becomes important to manage your “Hidden Factory” your suppliers in a collaborative manner.  This week we review some important metrics you should use to measure your relationship with your suppliers.  I know that the words Suppliers and Vendors are used sinuously


LEAN Journey

This week’s Issue | 14/09/2015 Great Cultures stimulate continuous excellence.  I was shocked this past week while working at a site where no visible metrics were available to the employees.  There was a huge concern about capability, capacity and cost control which is a concern in all operations.  The metric available was in essence guiding the team to move forward while staring in the rear-view mirror. We quickly implemented an hourly run chart complete with goals and the team immediately


Planning, Insuring Execution and … Budgets

This week’s Issue | 07/09/2015 With the heat wave that has shrouded Labor Day weekend it is hard to imagine that we are ending summer and heading into Fall.  Fall typically brings a sense of urgency to complete projects that need to tide you through the winter  … like stocking up on firewood, completing renovations and in our case refreshing the water in our hot tub.  While for organizations it is time to review the objective list and scramble to