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Best Argument for TPM

This week’s Issue | 19/10/2015 We know that the laws regarding Health & Safety in Ontario are tough … but the contents of a blog this week really made us realize just how important having TPM implemented as an insurance policy to protect you from going to jail.  In spite of all the laws the most important thing to remember is that employees are also responsible to make sure they are working in a safe work environment.  We can help


Why I oppose Offices and how to think Strategically

This week’s Issue | 19/10/2015 Cincinnati is a wonderful City and definitely worth exploring … so it is always a pleasure to spend some time exploring. During the week we were able to visit an organization with some great potential.  The owner apologized for not having office space … imagine that … when actually he should be applauded for his foresight.  So this week we explore 2 items in the newsletter … 1) how to abolish offices and 2) tips for


Team Alignment

This week’s Issue | 12/10/2015 In many cases robust methodologies become distilled by organizations to the point they become meaningless or just a check-mark requirement to satisfy a customer.  We have been witnessing this personally as we help an organization conduct a proper APQP or Product Realization methodology.  By following the proper methodology instead of jumping to producing an FMEA we have uncovered many opportunities that will allow for a seamless launch.  We understand that as resources become constrained it


Takt Time & Kanban loops

This week’s Issue | 05/10/2015 Calculating Takt Time seems like a simple calculation to me … but it is a constant challenge to many organizations to calculate it properly so we decided to review the calculation methodology in this week’s newsletter.  We also threw in some thought starters on how to calculate just how many Kanban signals you need in a Kanban loop … no it is not 2 unless you use a 2 bin methodology.  The primary purpose of the