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Lean — in the office !!

This week’s Issue | 30/11/2015 We are about 48% through our kitchen renovations and so far no negative surprises … but sill anxious if we will be done in time for Christmas.  Amazing how some suppliers treat customers … we have been working with a countertop supplier who has been amazing in their responsiveness and innovation but we had to visit one of their suppliers to pick a substrate where we were faced with a clerk who decided not to


Managing Change

This week’s Issue | 23/11/2015 Life is all about change … and in 2015 we have witnessed a lot of change with various people and organizations.  Sometimes change is good and in other circumstances not so good or effective so that is why this week we look at the factors impacting change.  Personally we are going through a change by renovating our kitchen … we are in week 1 of the renovation and will be challenged to have it completed


God & Grass

This week’s Issue | 16/11/2015 The Boss has spoken … we need to complete our renovations … so for the next couple of weeks we will be swinging hammers and screw guns in hopes to get our renovations behind us in time for Christmas.  This past week we finished teaching our second class at Xavier University for Lean Certification .. we had an amazing and diverse class of students but all who have a common passion to make their organizations



This week’s Issue | 19/10/2015 I was really impressed this week.  With this being a down week we decided to assemble our basement kitchen which we had purchased from IKEA.  We were impressed by how the company had completely error proofed the assembly … right down to the tape used to seal the boxes.  Quality, fit and finish of the product is outstanding and we are looking forward to enjoying our new kitchen.  So we decided that this week’s newsletter


Suck don’t blow

This week’s Issue | 19/10/2015 I remember when someone made me aware of just how much it costs to have compressed air.  I spent a quiet Sunday morning in my plant with the air compressor on. I yellow tagged every source of hissing so our maintenance could tighten or repair the fittings and connections come Monday.  It was a minimum time investment with great returns … which motivated me to convince our Team members to suck and not low when