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This week’s Issue | 14/12/2015 As we head into the season of Christmas typically 2 things happen … 1) we manage to get a bit of downtime and 2) most likely we will attend a festive party with our work colleagues.  So in this week’s newsletter we decided to explore both and hope that you enjoy the articles. Meanwhile we are still hoping that our kitchen will be completed in time for Christmas dinner … but a good chance we may


The White Board Marker

This week’s Issue | 07/12/2015 We love technology and the application in our work environment including at home.  We learned the hard way that in any cases avoidance of technology paves the way for simplicity.  We were taught another version of 5S where you need to look at a process and apply simplification at least 5 times before entertaining automation.  This is why we tell our client partners to use white boards and simple graphs created with pencils and paper