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Social Media

This week’s Issue | 25/01/2016 We always enjoy our time in Cincinnati and this week was no exception.  Although we did become a bit concerned with the blizzard announcement for Friday which never materialized and allowed us to transit home safe and on schedule.  During the week we ended up discussing reoccurring projects and the drain they can have on organizations like the


Lean Customer

This week’s Issue | 18/01/2016 Sometimes it is just a matter of perspective … this past week we had a discussion with a server at a restaurant in Montreal.  She told us that she was studying to become a licensed embalmer.  Not exactly my career aspiration but according to her she rationalized in the following manner … 1) there is a constant customer base, 2) Customers are located anywhere in the world so it


4 Productivity Styles

This week’s Issue | 11/01/2016 Well we managed to get back in the groove to start 2016 with a bang …. Unfortunately the digital manor is still in construction mode but should back to being fully functional by early February.  With the Canadian dollar at a very low level compared to the USA Dollar we are seeing our food prices hit all time


It is ONLY 5 minutes !

This week’s Issue | 04/01/2016 The festive season is supposed to be for some quality downtime but usually becomes very action packed visiting and spending time with family and friends.  Then you slam into New Years Eve and with the best of intentions commit to making some significant positive changes to your life style … but can you make it stick?  This week we share some potential pointers to help you make your proposed changes permanent.