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This week’s Issue | 29/02/2016 Many organizations embark on a journey towards excellence and then focus on only one methodology like Lean or 6 Sigma when in reality you need several tools in your organizational tool box.  This week we share that even in formal problem solving you need several formal problem solving methodologies … basic ones to solve simple problems and the more complex like 6 sigma to fix those pesky complex problems.  


Value Stream Manager (ment)

This week’s Issue | 22/02/2016 Organizations are in constant pursuit of perfecting processes and products.  This can include the use of technology and automation … but that alone will not deliver results unless you have great people.  Many organizations are experiencing success with the adoption of Value Stream Managers … which is what we share in this week’s newsletter … Just as organizations evolve so has the human race


Design For Assembly

This week’s Issue | 15/02/2016 It is sad to see people and organizations jump on a particular attribute within a methodology without understanding that it is a mere cog in the wheel of a holistic practice … like doing 5S to improve the visual aspects of an organization when it is actually a tool to improve velocity.  This week we share an article about Design for Assembly. I was


Visual Standard Work Instructions (VSWI)

This week’s Issue | 08/02/2016 A client visit close to Quebec City allowed Mariela and I to enjoy an evening exploring the Quebec City Winter Carnival … even though the warmer than the traditional seasonal temperatures did have a detrimental effect on the ice sculptures … it still made for a fine time of enjoyment.  We were able to train and deploy one


Getting Rid of Just In Case items

This week’s Issue | 01/02/2016 We are constantly coaching organizations not to fall into the 5S+1 trap of just becoming a housekeeping exercise.  Properly done it will enhance through-put and product velocity and with extra thought improve your brand image.  So it was cool that a reader shared a new rule that can be easily applied to your 5S+1 journey … read about the 20/20 rule.