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This week’s Issue | 25/04/2016 What a wonderful weekend … we dusted off the toy and took it for a run even though it was still a touch cold.  I love my job … but really don’t envy this pilot …   


Manage Variability

This week’s Issue | 18/04/2016 I definitely admit to being a “Lean” advocate since I love to identify and eliminate waste … but the other curse to process is variability … hence in addition to Lean Methodologies we also need to integrate Formal Problem Solving Tools.  In this week’s newsletter we outline the need and opportunity for a Formal Problem Solving infrastructure … failure to do so you could end with this …


Advantage of Handwritten Data

This week’s Issue | 11/04/2016 We had a wonderful week working with a client just outside of Quebec City … which happens to be one of my favorite cities in the world.  I wish I could have captured the President’s expression when we said that we felt the organization had done well embracing and implementing the methodologies we had shared and likely they would not need us for several months … believe me it


A3 … the basics

This week’s Issue | 04/04/2016 Always cool to work with high performing teams … especially when dramatic opportunities are identified.  So we really enjoyed facilitating 3 teams this past week using Enterprise Value Stream Mapping This facility is also a keen user of A3 methodologies … a simple concept made way to complex by others … so decided to review the basics in this week’s newsletter